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About Optima Scientia

Classical and diverse home school education with us

My name is Italo Samano and I am a professor of History.  I have taught at the university as well as community college levels.  I teach World History, US History and Latin American History.  My experience in the college educational system has taught me several things.  Chief among these is that the educational system in this country is broken.  

​I am a father.  And like any father I want the best for my children. This more than anything has motivated me to explore a better way to educate kids and even adults.  What began as improving educational design for my college history courses has morphed into something much bigger.  It is the manifestation of my desire to organize and codify everything I have learned about what humans should be taught and how it should be taught to them.  This curriculum embodies all I have learned about education as well as what I have learned in life.  This is what I believe to be important.  This is what I will teach my own kids.


The Optima Scientia Curriculum represents this desire.  It was created to provide a superior learning process based on scientific research, classical education, and traditional values. This curriculum incorporates my knowledge and appreciation for the cultural achievements of the past and present from a variety of cultures and disciplines. 

The curriculum is not based on any one idea.  Rather, it is an amalgamation of all that has come before with an eye toward improving what is yet to come.

My dedication to this work is reflected in the wide breadth of selected materials that I have incorporated into this curriculum.  I encourage you to explore the content and check back for updates. 

​"To create relevant changes anywhere, we must have the ability to grasp and understand ideas through many perspectives." Grace Sun | TEDxYouth@Tokyo

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